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Home Candle Set - 2PC

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The word “blessed” (pronounced “bless-ed”) means “to be held in high reverence or high regard.” These candles are intended to be sold to churches, where once a year all candles the church will use for that year are blest (past tense of “bless”) in a ceremony called CANDLEMAS. The church would have a supply of these candles on hand for parishioners to take home for prayer with the sick, and thus they would be blest.

Please Note: Candles are not already blessed when purchased.

- Approximate burning time is 3-4 hours


When a sick person is to receive the Eucharist, those in attendance should prepare a table with a white cloth. There should be two lit candles, a glass of fresh water, and where it is customary, a container of holy water. Any appropriate decoration such as a floral arrangment may be added to enhance the joyfulness of the occasion.

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Width (in) 0.50
Length (in) 0.50
Height (in) 10.00
Origin Made in the USA
Color White
Specific Material Wax